5 Surprising Benefits Of An Effective Barre Workout

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5 Surprising Benefits Of An Effective Barre Workout

How effective is barre workout? Simple, quick, and effective; that’s what makes a good workout. Learn more about this efficient workout here.

When I think about what makes a workout effective, I also correlate it to its efficiency. If the workout is efficient in the way that it moves the body in all planes of motion, targets every major muscle group, and does it in 60 minutes or less, then I automatically can tell if it will be effective. Barre workouts hit every mark when it comes to effectiveness and being an efficient workout. Besides the obvious benefits like muscle tone, flexibility, and overall increased physical health, here are 5 surprising benefits of a good barre workout. 

1. Leaves you feeling energized. 

There’s a myth in the barre world that in order to receive any benefits you must workout beyond fatigue or be incredibly sore to the point of near paralysis. This type of training leaves the body feeling depleted, worn down, and too tired to do it all again tomorrow. 

I am of the belief that you do not need to feel this way in order to achieve amazing benefits of barre. It is ok to feel challenged, and even sore, but it is better to feel energized when you leave class so you can conquer the rest of your day. Feeling connected to your body, stronger, more mobile, and even taller will allow you to continue to be physical every day.  Also, because of the upbeat music and amazing community this will automatically put some pep in your step after leaving class! 

2. Increases confidence 

Effective barre workouts on the surface are seemingly about the physical. However, building strength, flexibility and balance creates a body that can move more optimally out of the studio and in daily activities. The physical benefits result in increased confidence to be able to achieve things that we either set out to gain, or thought wasn’t even possible. 

Having confidence in being able to do an activity or even mundane task without fear of injury is a huge benefit from consistent barre classes. If you reach your goal to fit into an old pair of jeans this is another confidence booster. When we feel good it radiates to others!

3. Expands your community

You may have come to barre class to gain strength, but you may also walk away with a new barre bestie. The barre is a place where people from all walks of life can gather, and it provides a chance to meet those you may not have otherwise met. Going through a shared experience, like a sweaty barre class, can bring you closer to those in class resulting in friendships that last a lifetime!

4. Emotional outlet 

One of my favorite sayings is “workout to work it out.” Movement is a way to express your emotions without words, and a way to find release in built up tension. Allowing the body to lead the way, the sweat to wash a way whatever it is on your mind is a great benefit to meeting yourself at the barre. Also, having an hour to not focus on anything on your mind is a nice mental break that can create space for a clearer thought process. So move through whatever it is you’re going through and find support at the barre!

5. Designated fun time 

Barre is synonymous with it’s fun music! And what a great chance to designate time to grooving to your favorite tunes. You get to move your body with a group you most likely have become friendly with, and it’s an hour for you to have some fun. Instead of rushing home to your other responsibilities (sorry pets, partners, and kiddos) sign up for class to you “have to” show up. When you show up for yourself, and have fun, you can show up for others in a more positive way. Then after you get home, maybe you’ve even decided to have a household dance party post dinner. 

There are many reasons why you should choose barre, how effective barre workouts can be, and many benefits to also back up these reasons. Instead of the obvious, remember these 5 surprising benefits of a good barre workout! When you find these in a class, you’ll become a fast barre addict!


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