6 Ways To Do A Barre Workout At Home With No Equipment

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6 Ways To Do A Barre Workout At Home With No Equipment

You don’t need your own setup to do a proper barre workout. Here’s our guide on how to do a barre workout at home with no equipment.

At-home barre classes exploded in 2020, and have proven they’re here to stay in 2021. Your workout may be happening while the laundry is going, and that’s great! Efficiency is key in barre as well as life. Multi tasking, taking out the commute, and doing barre for a duration that works for you is exactly why at home classes are great! Yet, you may be missing your studio amenities (i.e. props) when you can’t get there. So, I’m here to share 6 Ways To Do A Barre Workout At Home With No Equipment:


When you don’t have a barre..


No barre, no problem! The barre is used to support you in gaining better balance. Theory is that it can be taken away for any exercise and you will have the strength to execute the movement in the same way, just without help. So if you’re looking for a little help try these alternatives instead:


  • A chair
  • Countertop or table
  • Foam roller or broom 
  • A wall 


Missing your weights??


Using soup cans is the ultimate solution to having no weights, but I think we can be more creative. Especially if you are looking for something a little heavier than chicken noodle soup. Here’s what I suggest:


  • Milk jugs filled to your desired weight
  • Your purse filled with your life
  • Your kids book bag filled with books
  • Sneakers or boots for ankle weights 


Pillows aren’t for just sleeping!


Grab your pillow and let’s get creative with how to incorporate it into your barre workout. I love this one because it’s something we all have, and it can be used in so many ways. Use the pillow for the following:


  • Neck support
  • Lower back support
  • Under you sits bones 
  • As a mat
  • Use instead of a ball between knees


Towels aren’t for just wiping sweat!


You can use a towel for wiping off the sweat during class, but you can also use it as a prop for your workout. The towel is great for both supporting and challenging your barre exercises. Try these and you may still need to towel off after:


  • Use instead of gliders
  • Use to aid in stretches
  • Use instead of a resistance band for some arm work. 
  • Use during the High C curve to help hold the position. 


Head to the wall..


In the first suggestion I mentioned using the wall instead of using a barre. Let’s dive deeper and here are exercises that can be done at the wall:


  • Push ups
  • Bridges with feet on the wall
  • Chair 
  • Planks with feet on or up the wall


Use yourself!


If you’re doing an on demand or livestream barre workout at home and you don’t have any equipment, don’t skip out because of this! Use your imagination and own body resistance to mimic whatever props the instructor is using. Props are not necessary in getting the most effective workout. The most important thing is that you showed up, you’re staying consistent, and you’re having fun!

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