The Barre Variations believes that

THERE’S PLENTY OF ROOM AT THE BARRE for all barre enthusiasts!

Barre Variations was created in 2017 by Michelle DuVall. Prior to this method Michelle had created and developed another barre program. Using the knowledge from that experience and working with corporate and venture capitalist partnerships, she then founded BV.


Creating a method, and community, that was inclusive and creative was the driving force for launching a new barre method. Since its inception, Michelle has done just that. Barre Variations is now not only a manual, but a method, barre fitness education provider, video library, podcast, and most of all community!



Michelle is an expert movement teacher who finds joy in motivating others to make connections through mindful movement.

Michelle holds a BFA in Dance, 600hr Power Pilates certification, 200hr Yoga certification, and trained in The Roll Model Method by Jill Miller.​

She is a co-founder and Education Director of a former barre method company. She spent years teaching barre, and training other barre instructors how to teach.  Taking her knowledge, Michelle wanted to create a method and community that was inclusive, creative, and backed by proper biomechanics. 

With her rich background in various movement styles, Michelle created Barre Variations. A manual, method, and video library with an expanded syllabus of choreography and technique.

Michelle believes that there is plenty of room at the barre, and aspires to inspire others to let their inner creative barre star shine! 

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