The Barre Variations method combines classical ballet with pilates, yoga, and functional training to create an efficient and challenging full-body workout.

Barre Variations provides creatively-driven workouts utilizing unique tools to keep every workout endlessly varied and fun.

Are you a teacher Looking to enhance your teaching tool box? Barre Variations offers resources and trainings perfectly suited to both new and seasoned instructors, beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of training and support. The teacher training program offers an instructional foundation providing the necessary tools to teach barre, teaching with proper biomechanics, and the means for each trainer to discover his or her own voice. Additional workshops are available for all instructors to address the unique challenges facing each trainer, as well as coaching opportunities to work on specific goals and projects.


Michelle is an expert movement teacher who finds joy in motivating others to make connections through mindful movement.

Michelle holds a BFA in Dance, PMA®-CPT, 200hr Yoga certification, and trained in The Roll Model Method by Jill Miller.​

She is a co-founder and Education Director of a former barre method company. She spent years teaching barre, and training other barre instructors how to teach.  Taking her knowledge, Michelle wanted to create a method and community that was inclusive, creative, and backed by proper biomechanics. 

With her rich background in various movement styles, Michelle created Barre Variations. A manual, method, and video library with an expanded syllabus of choreography and technique.

Michelle believes that there is plenty of room at the barre, and aspires to inspire others to let their inner creative barre star shine! 

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