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Want to know a secret??? I’m a pack rat….of my work! Everything I’ve created I keep on an archive (google drive…sounds fancier saying archive). That’s right, every video, every tip, every email, EVERYTHING! Want to create less work for yourself when coming up with choreography?!?  Save ALL your old choreo notes! Keeping everything “on file” allows me to reflect, refine, and reinvent what I am doing without having to start from scratch. It also provides me with documentation of my growth. I can visually see the things that worked and the things that no longer serve what I am doing. And guess what after some time you can even REUSE that work that you created, the themes that you came up with, or the email/post you sent out! This is when your work starts working for you! Share an old post with me in your Insta stories and use the #barrevaraitions ❤️ And let’s support each other’s pack rat habits! xx Michelle


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