Ask for help!

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So this week, here are some questions to ask yourself:

-Is there something that you’d like to get done, but don’t have the time/are doing too much/don’t know how to start?

-Could you be doing ______ better?

-Do you know someone who has a skill that you could use?

-Are you struggling with something as a teacher but to afraid/embarrassed to ask for help?


If you answered yes, or even I think so, to any of those, it’s time to recruit someone for your “team.” Something that holds me back is my shyness, that is masking embarrassment/shame/awkwardness/fear. I’ve always been someone who is very out-going once I know you, and super shy when I’m meeting you for the first time. Shocker? All I can say that as a former performer I know how to put up a fourth wall and play the role of teacher really well. I’ve got plenty of shy girl stories of waiting outside places until the person I know shows up so I don’t have to go in alone, or not saying hello first because I don’t want to call attention.


These aspects of myself are ones that I work to overcome. As a mom, well you learn very quickly that it TAKES A VILLAGE. BV was my first baby, and I also recognize that I need help! Whether it is at home or at the studio, don’t let fear hold you back from being to achieve more!


Share a in the comments what you need help with!



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