Baby you’re worth it!

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Teacher Tip: Baby you’re worth it!

Guess what?? Baby you’re worth it!

I can’t help but live my life as one giant musical. When a song comes around that acts as a great affirmation I am all over it! Just like the cute girl band Fifth Harmony said, baby you’re worth it!! Now it is your turn to sing out loud…”Uh Huh I’m worth it!”

Owning your worth may be hard at first.I know it can also be easy to just say it. Embodying self worth is important for self growth and confidence.  With practice, it can happen. Below I created a writing exercise as some homework for you this week! 

First, you’ll need to reach out to some of your most valuable students. Ask your students how they would describe your teaching. This is also a great way to get testimonials for the classes you teach. You can share these comments to showcase why your class stand out amongst the rest. 

Do the student comments resonate with you? Are you surprised at what they say? Is it spot on? Let the nice things they said about you sink in, and own it! 

Here is the next part of your homework. Second assignment for you is right out the positive comments into affirmations. Then for the next…forever…repeat them to yourself for 1 minute. Set it as your alarm, write in on your homescreen, etc

I am:

I am:

I am:

Compile all the affirmations in a journal. Take the affirmations and if they align with you allow these traits to shine! Infuse them into your teaching and be confidently YOU! 

Share what your client comments turned positive affirmations below, and let’s celebrate together what makes you so WORTH IT!!



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