Be a dream team player!

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Ever complain about a coworker?? MM HMM…yeah we’ve all been there. 

Now that we’ve forgiven ourselves for judging, let’s start to walk the walk! I have been very lucky to have had the studio experiences I’ve had, and what I know to be true is that most studios struggle with some of the same issues. Every group of teachers I have taught alongside also usually gripes about the same things.

My favorite places to work (and still work…shoutout to Brooklyn Heights Pilates…find me here teaching barre) have been places that the teachers honor the space as if it’s their own. At these studios it is tidy and clean, there are clear teacher policies, and everyone is up to speed on expectations. Coming in and knowing where the props are sounds simple, but key starting class without the stress of running around organizing. 

Most studios have many barre teachers going in and out during the day, so here are 4 Ways To Be a Better Team Player at the Studio:

  1. Restore studio back to its established set up.
  2. Honor your class time and when class ends. 
  3. Keep a judgement free zone and avoid studio gossip. If conversations start to get long after class, take it to the lobby or hall so the next class can begin. 

So be a part of the dream team you’ve envisioned! Share in the comment other ways you like to be a better team player!


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