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An empowering, immersive, inclusive movement and learning experience for Barre, Pilates, and Yoga Professionals.



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Meet the BE / U Speakers

Keep scrolling to meet and get to know the panel speakers of BE / U Accelerator. These leaders are ready to share how you can be U too!

Michelle DuVall

Co-host of BE / U Accelerator and Creator of Barre Variations.

Shannon Werner

Co-host of BE / U Accelerator and Founder of Shannon Werner Energy.

Jason Williams

Director of Pilates Barre Training and Author of Frankie Fitness.

Stephanie Lyons

President and Master Trainer of Barre Intensity.

Alexis Sweeney

CEO and Founder of Silhouette by Alexis.

Kelly Wackerman

Co-creator of the LONDON Method.

Pamela Kennedy

Co-creator of the LONDON Method.

Micki Price Havard

Owner of MickiPHIT Wellness and Creator of PilatesPHIT.

Heather McCreight

Creator of Barre Where You Are.

KK Hart Bailey

Certified Business Coach and Consultant 

Lisa Juliet

A Founder of IBBFA’s Barre Certification and Owner of StudioBFF

Vix Reitano

Founder and CEO of Agency 6B

*Bonus On Demand Speaker*

Event Schedule 


Saturday, January 30th, 2021


Welcome (8a PST/11a EST; 15 min)


Move (11am EST – 12p EST) 45 min Live Movement Class


Panel 1: Work Your Worth (12:15p EST – 1:20p EST)

Knowing and owning your worth is critical to have a thriving business. Learn how to get paid for the unique value you bring to the table while ensuring that you are doing work that feels valuable to YOU. Know your worth, own your worth, then WORK your worth. Speakers include Micki Price Harvard, Pam Kennedy, and Kelly Wackerman.


Panel 2: Boost Productivity with Badass Boundaries (1:30p EST – 2:35p EST)

  • When you think of productivity, most often you think about checking off endless items on a to-do list. When was the last time you thought about your productivity being related to saying NO and honoring your boundaries? Learn how to positively impact your business/productivity by creating procedures and boundaries that support your work rather than creating extra work.  Streamline your processes, ditch the burnout, and boost your business badassery! Speakers include Stephanie Lyons, and KK Hart Bailey.

Community Breakout

Panel 3: Be U: Hop off the Comparison Train and Carve your own Course (3:00p EST – 4:05p EST)

It’s so easy to spend hours comparing yourself to the next studio or fitness influencer on social media … but that is wasting precious energy that could be used to make your mark, change lives, and be of service … just by being YOU. Learn how to curate your offerings based on your strengths and stay laser focused on what is essential for your business based on your passion and “bigger why”. It’s time to make your business work for you, rather than worrying about “keeping up with the Joneses”. Speakers include Heather McCreight, Lisa Juliet, and Steven Washington.


Panel 4: Creatively Cultivate Your Community (4:15p EST – 5:20p EST)

 In these uncertain, transformative times, we all need authentic, supportive community more than ever. When we are in need of something, we have the power to create it for ourselves and others. Learn how to attract YOUR community by being YOU and honoring/believing in your offerings. You do not need to be a social media expert to create in-person and online community – learn how to get creative in cultivating YOUR community in times of uncertainty and change. Speakers include Alexis Sweeney and Jason Williams.


Closing Class/Remarks: Yin Yoga/Meditation/Nidra + Closing Remarks (5:30p EST – 6:30p EST)


What To Expect


Inclusive, supportive community networking opportunities

Strategies to up level YOUR business

Virtual Expo with attendee swag

Movement experiences

Expert panel discussion

Post accelerator content that keeps the up leveling going

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