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As new teachers, we spend a lot of time looking up to other teachers aspiring to be them! But, have you stopped to think that maybe you’re now this person for someone else?

I have learned so much by just observing and listening to others. It wasn’t until I took the time to listen to myself (via video) that I was able to truly apply the things I wanted to infuse in my own teaching. If you’ve never recorded yourself …. it can be painful at first …. give it a go! You will be able to pinpoint what you love about your teaching and the aspects you’d like to refine. For me, my favorite teachers all have a clear and concise way of teaching. And I love when a teacher is able to make me laugh and feel comfortable.

This week I have an assignment for you! Think of your favorite teacher. Then list out all of the qualities of that person’s teaching that you’d like to emulate. Now write a dream list about your ideal teacher. Next time you teach class, try to start implementing your “dream teacher” qualities, and be your favorite teacher! 

Share your top 3 “dream teacher” qualities that would make you YOUR favorite teacher! Comment below!


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