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Bar(re) none! No Exceptions!

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TEACHER TIP: Bar(re) none! No Exceptions!

If you are a barre instructor, you may have come across studio policies when signing a contract. But have you ever thought of establishing your very own personal policies? These are things that are non negotiable’s for you and the work that you do: Bar(re) none, no Exceptions!

A big one for me is the twenty-four hour cancelation policy. Late cancellations do happen, just like life happens. But if I am able to not get caught commuting when I do not have to, or in a situation where I could have scheduled something else, I prefer to be able to plan as much as I can. If someone late cancels, which happens, I will still be paid for my time. This helps avoid losing income that I was counting on. It also pays me for the time I set aside for that person or class.

Whether these policies are already required, anywhere I teach these are some personal rules I follow. I set a standard bar(re) for myself to establish a rapport with my clients. I want them to know that I am a professional, an available resource, respectful of their use of time/money, and reliable.

Some non-negotiables of mine include:

  1. Show up at least 15 minutes early to the class.
  2. Be available before and after class for questions/comments from students.
  3. Learn everyone’s name and also use it at least once in class.
  4. Leave the studio in it’s “set-up” state.


Everyone may vary when it comes to what is comes to their “no exceptions” policies. However, having a plan/policy in place sets up clear boundaries and allows for your operations rot go much more smoothly.

Share how you set the bar(re), you know those bar(re) none policies. Share in the comments your personal policies!



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