Make space!

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TEACHER TIP: Make space!

I try to make space for changes ALL THE TIME! I love a plan, but know that life happens and I need to be flexible. Another way that I try to make room, is to be open to receiving feedback. I’m not talking about criticism but feedback from the people I trust most and the ones that I  respect their point of view (even if it is different from mine). 

Making space to allow for change helps me grow my teaching and business. It also does not mean that I am stupid for changing my mind, switching the direction I first set out on, or evolving in to something else. What it does is it gives me an opportunity to create more chances to serve and connect with more people, or to connect deeper with the people I am already connected to.  

Every year, and usually in the summertime, I start to envision the next steps for where I want to grow in my work. Something about the sunshine gets my brain going! 

Here are some things I like to consider when making space for change and growth:

  1. Do I still love what I am doing?
  2. Am I willing to see things differently or just trying to hold on to what I have?
  3. What is my biggest fear if I make changes?
  4. Can I allow that fear to exist and still make moves?

Some Teacher Tip homework is to MAKE SPACE! Ask your barre bestie for feedback on what your doing GREAT at and how you can be even greater!!

While you are making room in your life for change and possibilities, I want to hear from you! YOU make Barre Variations possible, and if you had a magic wand what would you dream of BV offering?? Comment below!

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