Size doesn’t matter!

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TEACHER TIP:Size doesn’t matter!

I’ve taught in many different types of spaces (in person and virtual), and I’ve learned size doesn’t matter! From being at a conference with 70+ people in the room to studios that only had 1 person in class. Every situation has served me at different times, and each had their benefits. My energy may adjust but how I am showing up is always the same! I am fully present, I give a full out class, I connect with each person, and let my personality shine through. 

We can all get caught up in our class sizes, whether or not we have a wait list, or go down the comparison road self-judging ourselves about how many people are there. When you are a new teacher, or building up a class in a new space, it can be hard not to worry about the numbers. For a second, forget about how many people are there and focus on who is there. 

You will attract the people who are right for your class just by being YOU! Your style and mission behind teaching will fill the room with the ones who connect to your message and teaching. So, even if there is one person teach the way you would if the class was full! 

We’ve all heard that your vibe will attract your tribe, and this couldn’t be more true! Instead of waiting for “more,” show up more! Here’s how I approach each class regardless of size:

  1. Take the smaller classes as a treat. This gives me an opportunity to dig deep and make the experience more personalized. 
  2. Use the opportunity for big groups to explore simple but creative movement.
  3. Not allotting the time in my mind for anything else except for teaching that class. That way I don’t wish I was doing something else if my expectations are not met. 


How are you showing up to teach? Share one way you show up to connect with your class!




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