Plenty of room to go around!

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TEACHER TIP: Plenty of room to go around!

Have you ever said the following things, or at least thought them in your head?

“I feel bad charging ____.”

“Well, the client is already paying for _____.”

“_____ only charges X amount.”

“I only teach X amount of hours so why should I get a raise.”

If you’ve said any version of the above, then it’s time we have the $$$ talk! Are you operating under the belief that there is a finite amount of money to be had in this world? NEWS FLASH! There’s plenty of room to go around and more! Trust! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a full time barre teacher, or teach one class a week, because knowing your worth is important! And owning it is key! We live in a time where multiple revenue sources are more and more common and essential for living the lives we want to live, and to be able to provide for our families. I personally love having different work ventures and projects. It keeps my mind sharp and entertains my crazy brain!

SO however much you teach I know IT MATTERS! So when I need to shake up my beliefs around money I ask:


  1. What is the number that will get me out of bed?
  2. Is what I am charging match the extra work I am putting in?
  3. Is it time to charge more?


Bonus Exercise:

I have learned an exercise from my coach, which is to pick a $ amount and then everyday after double the amount for 30 days. Each day, write in a journal the amount of money and what you would do with that money. Day one I started out with $1,000 and my first purchase was to invest in new camera equipment. Go crazy, get creative and get used to envisioning more $$ in your life! What’s your first purchase??

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