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I’m a natural born entrepreneur! Being in this business I’ve learned that even if you don’t own the studio you are still running a biz! An important key to being a successful entrepreneur is being able to have the ability to set boundaries, and release the fear of disappointing others.

A little insider info, I hate disappointing people. When it comes to canceling classes, or changing my schedule it hard for me to let go. I have to do a lot of mental prep not to feel guilty for taking care of my needs. 

Working as an independent contractor, and running my own business means it is crucial to setting boundaries and sticking to them. Now, I always have the option to revise, or choose again, but with mindful consideration of what I will be trading off if I reset a particular boundary.

A great exercise I like to do is to write up my own policies. I include times I am available, the schedule I am willing to work, rates, etc. I find myself referring back to it in order to hold myself accountable. Because sometimes boss me has to tell me me to re-read the policy book! Read today’s bio for my top policies that work for my business.

My top work policies:

  1. Non-negotiable 24 hour cancelation policy 
  2. No classes after 2pm
  3. Show up 15-30 minutes before class starts
  4. Be available for clients before and after class.

What are your top 3 policies that you always stick to in order to keep your boundaries set?? Share below?


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