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As barre teachers, we put out a lot of energy while teaching! We give our classes and clients 110% and sometimes even more….like 1,000%!! We’re uplifting, motivating, encouraging, and all around positive people. This is why our classes love us! 

This element of “performance” can also be exhausting. We encounter a lot of people who also affect our energy. We can feed off of others high vibes, and we can also have our energy sucked out of us. Even if the intentions are good, energy exchange is happening!

In order to save my own energy I like to approach this type of “performance” as if I’m prepping for the stage! I have pre rituals and post rituals, and each helps me give the energy needed while teaching, and to have energy left over when I leave. Read today’s post for my prep list!

What ways do you check in and protect your energy! Share below!


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