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I have a guide and specific progression I follow for every class I teach. I love to keep consistency and structure. However, that structure can cause me to feel trapped in my own work. Like, starting my class at the barre everytime can begin to feel stale. 

I am also someone who is very committed to teaching the hours I said I would teach. Then life happens, and this commitment can become an over commitment. The loyalty, drive, commitment can hold me back from teaching my ideal schedule and in turn teaching at my best.

Guess what?! The choice to choose differently is also available in any of these situations…and most other situations. Making a choice that aligns with the mission behind your teaching, and your vision for how you’d like to be as a teacher can be exactly what you need to thrive more!

My fears of choosing different:

  1. I’m a failure
  2. I’m letting someone down
  3. I won’t be able to choose to go back and do the same thing again

I used to let the fear of choosing again hold me back. Now I learn from my choices, I grow, and I continue to evolve, so it all becomes a positive experience filled with joy instead of fear!

What are your fears behind choosing differently?? Share below!?



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