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Barre Variations
Teacher Training Deconstructed



Welcome to the Barre Variations Teaching Deconstructed Online Course! My name is Michelle Duvall, the creator of BV, and I am so excited for you to take part in this! This content is for you to revisit as many times as you’d like. You can come back a rewatch and relearn anytime!

In this training, learn teaching essentials using the Barre Variations method. Refresh your teaching skills through a unique teaching formula, and different teaching exercises to refine the skills you already have. Utilizing the different Barre Variations: Creativity and Choreography Tools gain the tools needed to develop an effective, creative and challenging barre workout that will always stay exciting. Focus not only on creativity, but on the proper biomechanics that goes into barre through basic anatomy training. This course will give you the boost you need to teach barre the way that you want, the skills to keep our classes endlessly creative in your classes, as well as the opportunity to let your individual teaching voice shine!

Included in the Online Course is a digital copy of the Barre Variations Teaching Deconstructed Workbook, 14 training videos, teaching drills, writing prompts, and unlimited email correspondence throughout the training.


Here’s more of what’s include:

-Anatomy for Barre

-An explanation of a Barre Variations class progression

-Prop usage

-The Barre Variations Creativity Tools

-The Barre Variations Teaching Formula

-How to teach to music

-Teaching drills

-How to cue your class

-Class development and choreography tools

-The “what’s next” after this training video

-Plus 2 bonus classes


I would suggest having a journal or notebook that you can take notes in. If you have questions that arise during this course, please reach out to me at If you are looking for more one-on-one feedback or guidance throughout the course, you can sign up for coaching sessions along the way by clicking HERE. Before you start the course, let’s move! Watch the video below to participate in a full Barre Variations class.

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