Create a Community You Want!

by | Jun 16, 2020 | 0 comments

We’ve all heard the phrase, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” It may sound cliche but it rings true. Have you ever walked into a studio and it felt like home, and you’ve found your people? Have you ever walked into a class and felt excluded, and that you don’t belong?

When people come to my classes, I want them to feel the communal vibes, and leave with some laughs! I crack terrible jokes, I’ll ask about your kids, and invite you into an inclusive group of barre loving babes!

I know that we won’t love every class or every teacher, and we won’t be loved by everyone either. But what is important is that we stay true to ourselves and create the culture we want either in class or in the studio at large. 

The most important thing is to create the community you want to be a part of, and to share that with others! 




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