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Alright so you’ve been teaching for a while and are in a groove! You love what you do and love sharing barre with other people! Oh and you also love creating community! Did I describe you?? Have you ever thought about going beyond your barre studio and put on an event outside of your regularly scheduled classes? Yes!! Ok great! No?? Don’t run away just yet! Here are a few easy ways to get started: -Partner with a local wellness or activewear shop to host an event. -Host a special class event at your studio. -Reach out to another barre friend for a collaboration. Creating an event is another way to build community, and offer another fun experience for new and existing students. It can help you stretch your wings as a teacher and bring more awareness to your classes and offerings. Do you have a special event planned? Or thinking of one? Share in the comments! Join me Nov 29th at 2pm EST for a FREE BV LIVESTREAM CLASS!! xx Michelle


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