Get Your Dream Team!

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I CAN DO IT ALL…ALONE….WITH NO HELP! This is something I told myself, as a way to protect myself from bad biz deals, getting burned, or losing control of my vision.

When starting Barre Variations, it was just me (and still pretty much is) running the show. I knew that in order to grow, I had to bring others in to help. But our team doesn’t always have to involve hiring staff. It can be building a dream team of supporters. I like to categorize this dream team into two groups to help me see my business in new ways, as well as help me make clear decisions.

No. 1 is the Cheerleader – someone who will always cheer on my ideas and vision

No 2. Is the Dream Crusher/The Devil’s Advocate- someone who will question (kindly) all angles of my ideas

No.3 is the Organizer- someone who will get excited over spread sheets, will set dates, and see that will keep my head on straight.

No. 4 is the Coach- someone who can mentor me through scaling my business, coming up with creative ways to share what I do, and be a sounding board to my ego and thought processes. 

I never want to be in a situation where my team cannot speak to me with confidence, and only yes-ing me to protect my ego…remember the ego can be a real B! I want people around me who will give me the cheers I need to push forward, and the dream crushers who will keep the shiny objects from diverting me from my mission. 

What other types of people do you like to have on your team?! Share below in the comments!




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