Go barre less!

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Teacher Tip: Go barre less!

Read that one too quickly didn’t you 😉 Now, that I have your mind thinking about something else besides barre hear me out. I know you love barre, the hashtags, the cute sayings, and you love telling other people why the NEED to be doing it!

What I know is also true is that you probably (most likely) like other activities too! One of the reasons I love barre so much is that it supports the other things I do by keeping my body in its’ best fitness shape. If I didn’t work on my pliés, I know I’d be struggling trying to play on the floor with my son. Yet, it’s still not the only activity I like to do!

I gain a lot of my inspiration for my classes by taking other classes, and doing other activities. I get to experience and see movement in a different way that will inform my teaching. I realize that there are so many ways to move the body and so many similarities across methods. It inspires me to think beyond the barre!


Here are 3 of my fav Barre Less Activities:


  1. Anything outdoors! I am an amateur but I love to get outside and bike, hike, and go for a walk!
  2. Dance parties with my son! He will one day refuse me as a dance partner so right now I’m holding on to my tiny dancer!
  3. Pilates! My first fitness love, and what keeps me feeling balanced and centered!


So I challenge you to GO BARRE LESS! Share with me what you love other than barre!



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