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Woah! Deep tip I know! But let’s break it down!

Start by asking yourself things like, why am I teaching this exercise? What purpose is it serving, and what am I trying to achieve?

There can be more than one reason why. Like, it feels could, it challenges the core, it’s good for opening the hips, or even that it’s a great counter move to the previous one. 

For the second why you should be asking head to the blog! Link in bio!

Getting clear on the moves is just the start. Next it’s time to get clear about why you teach the way you do. What would you like your classes to walk away feeling or what would you like them to takeaway when they leave?

Falling into the routine can be easy but knowing why and having purpose will bring clarity to help keep the fire of your passion burning! Share the purpose behind the class you’re teaching today in the comments!


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