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When I wrote my college essay ….do they even still do this?….I had to write about how my best friend would describe me. As someone who as spent most of her life not being able to take a compliment (this is changing because as Little Mixx says “baby I’m worth it) this was a nightmare of an assignment. But, I understood that an outsider may be able to best describe ourselves especially when it comes to what makes us so unique. I know it can also be easy to just say “Be you!” So I’ve got some homework for you this week! Ask your students how they would describe your teaching. Does this resonate with you? Are you surprised at what they say? Is it spot on? Take these comments and if they align with you let these traits shine! I fuse them into your teaching and be confidently YOU! Share what your students say, and let’s celebrate together what makes you YOU! xx Michelle


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