The Ultimate Guide to Barre Certification | Barre Variations

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The Ultimate Guide to Barre Certification | Barre Variations


How to become a barre instructor

Before deciding on becoming a barre instructor there are a few things you may have already accomplished. You’ve probably taken countless classes at your favorite barre studio, told your friends they should sign up for class, smiled through the barre burn, anticipated what the instructor will say next, encouraged the newbie in class that it gets better, and you are probably the first person to show up and the last person to leave. You may have already been told that you’d be great at the job! At this point you may have begun to wonder, “how to become a barre instructor?”

Here is The Ultimate Guide to Barre Certification brought to you by Barre Variations:

Once you’ve played with the notion of becoming a barre sinstructor more questions may begin to swirl in your mind, but the most essential question is:

How do you choose the right barre certification program, when there are so many choices available?

The first decision is to choose a path that aligns with you and where you’d like to teach potentially after your training. There are a few different avenues to go down which include teaching for a franchise, at a license studio, with a studio/gym that has their own program, or teaching independently either in a studio/gym or for yourself. 

This decision will be influenced by where you’ve already been taking class, of course. Meaning if they have a training program or if they support you getting trained elsewhere. However, I believe the more tools in your tool box the better! There is no wrong answer when making this decision. What’s important is that you have a clear vision of where you’d like to teach. Complete the following writing exercise and write out your vision of your ideal teaching experience:

Grab a notebook and free write your ideal situation. Here are some questions to ask while your write it out:

  • Who are you surrounded by when you teach?
  • What does the space look like?
  • Describe the music playing. 
  • Is the class big or small?
  • Are you following a pre- choreographed format?
  • Have you created your own class?
  • How much freedom as a teacher do you have?
  • What kind of support do you have as an instructor?

After completing this visualization, you will have a clearer idea of where you’d ideally like to be teaching once you’ve been trained. Another thing to consider is where you are at in your fitness journey prior to taking a barre certification. Do you identify with one of these barre babes below:

  • The Rockstar Student – This barre babe is like the Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. During the day they are kicking butt at their job and at night shaking their booty in barre class!
  • The Bun Head – The barre-addict was practically born at the barre. They have been dancing for years but have yet to make the crossover into the fitness world. 
  • The Fit Pro – This mover and shaker has done one if not many training programs like becoming a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, Yoga teacher, bootcamp instructor, etc. Now they’d like to add the amazing compliment to any other training, barre!

Whichever avatar you identify with, know that by already taking classes you’ve taken the first step to becoming a barre instructor. Consider this time period as your first “practice hours.” During the classes you have been already taking, you are learning more than you think. Taking classes teaches exercises, cues through technique, and gives the experience of a structure of a class. You have observed the instructor cueing and adjusting clients, using their voice in their own way to lead the class, and many other things that drew you to the class in the first place. You may have even started taking note how you would do things either the same or differently. So all along you’ve been learning by doing.

Being a student is a never ending journey that will inform you as a teacher for your entire journey.  Even if you’ve danced your whole life or are a fitness professional already, you know that taking class is a key component to your learning experience. And after all you teach what you know! 

The next thing you may ask yourself is:

“How can I find out the tell-tale marks of a quality barre program?” 

There are many programs and often they resemble more of the same, so I’ve created this easy check list of the key essentials that should be included in the program you pursue. 

  • Anatomy and proper biomechanics 
    • The program you choose should review (even in the most basic level) and explain alignment, planes of motion, biomechanics, common misalignments and injuries. Also, how to use your eye in identifying these things as an instructor and how to proceed with your instruction to ensure an individualized approach. 


  • Systematic approach on how to teach a class
    • This includes what to say, how to teach exercises, demonstrating (when and when not to), knowing how to teach proper technique, teaching to music, how to use your voice when teaching, knowing how to progress and regress an exercise, developing choreography, and being able to teach to a group of any size. 


  • Post training support
    • Something that will go far beyond the hours you spend in your training are the offerings that the program you choose makes available for continued education, mentorship, and support in your teaching journey. This may include things like periodic choreography updates, on demand content, community Facebook group, continuing education courses, etc. 

You may find these 3 key components in many training courses, but the MOST important thing is to find the training that allows you to be the teacher you want to be. Whether it’s the type that wants to be handed the keys to the house, or the one who takes the keys and figures out how to open other doors with them. 

If you thrive being creative once you’ve learned a solid foundation this will be essential to the training you ultimately decide upon. Like learning the building blocks in how to teach a class, learning creativity can be very similar. What a lot of training does not have is a module on how to take the materials and skills you learn and to make them your own. 

The Barre Variations method was born out of this very notion. The idea that you can teach a systematic approach to teaching while still giving a roadmap on how to be creative, continually inspired, and how to infuse your own voice into the work. It puts the student at the center of the training, posing questions, asking for input, and making it a truly collaborative learning experience. 

What to expect from a Barre Variations training:

  • An inclusive, empowering community of barre instructors worldwide
    • Anatomy is taught in a way that is practical and easily applicable to a barre class. 
  • Systematic approach on how to teach a class
    • Step by step process to teaching any class while being able to be yourself. 
  • Post training support
    • Continuing education courses, a video library, online community, and podcast!
  • Mentorship
    • Get one on one and group coaching with founder Michelle DuVall to work on the development of your teaching and business. 
  • Creativity to be yourself as a teacher
    • Every offering will personalize the experience and encourage you to let your individual voice shine!
  • An inclusive, empowering community of barre instructors worldwide
    • Through social media, community events, and networking opportunities connect with other barre babes for support and fellowship. 

With Barre Variations you will get high quality education and the encouragement to find or refine your unique talents as a teacher. So whatever starting point you can still unleash a more empowered instructor with the Barre Variations Teacher Training.

If you’re ready to let your voice shine click here to learn more about the BV courses!


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