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Client intake forms are the norm in our biz. They’re filled out, discussed, and maybe never revisited. So, when was the last time you re-checked in with your clients about their goals? Have they changed? Have they stayed the same? This is also a time I like to get specific. I’ll ask something like, is there a specific exercise your working on, are your training for something outside the studio, do you have something you want to get better at in your day to day life with the help of barre (like climbing stairs with ease)? The more information you gather, the more you can provide a tailored experience for your clients. And it will help your client achieve their goals as well! We all know failures can change so checking in is a great way to reevaluate what you are teaching. This week’s TTT assignment is to ask your long standing clients about their goals…and not in a New Year’s resolution way but in a “hey let’s check in and investigate something new” way! When you ask for goals is it just during client in take or are you checking in for new goals periodically?? Share below!


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