It’s ok to stay with the grain!

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 It’s ok to stay with the grain!

It’s common knowledge that salmon swim upstream against the current. Now, as heroic a task that may be….it takes a lot of brute strength. Oh, and we are not salmon, so we don’t have to always go against the current to get things done or to get your message across. 

When I am teaching I try to collaborate with who is in the room with me. If my plan is to do some planks, my cuing will change depending who’s in class. I will also be sure to progress an exercise, break it down, and tailor it to the needs of my clients. This way everyone is achieving more than “just getting through and surviving class.” I am not trying to force what I had planned on a group of people that may not be planking that day.

One way you can work with your classes, is by asking each person (at some point before class) what they want to physically work towards in barre, and even what they hope it will enhance beyond the barre studio. Once you know the answer you can better serve your classes what they want and even need to feel better and keep coming back! And as a group you can all work towards achieving a common goal! And like salmon, you’ve become a sort of team or school together!!

Share the ways you like to stay with the grain!


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