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We’ve heard it before..you know “less is more.” I would argue that sometimes more is more too. But wherever you fall on the spectrum as a teacher, my challenge to you DOERS out there is to try less!

I am a guilty-as-charged do-er, and someone wants to do ALL OF THE THINGS! There was a time when I would jump at any sub opportunity, class time, chance to volunteer, you name it! I was a full on follower of the Shonda Rhimes Year Of Yes girl. At the time, and maybe even for too long, I needed to gain as much experience as I could to learn what it was I really wanted.

Here are 4 questions I ask myself when it comes to saying “yes” to something include:

  1. Am I saying yes because I know I can do it?
  2. Just because I can, does it mean I should?
  3. What are the trade-offs if I say “yes?”
  4. Is it a “HECK YES” or just a “sure, ok?”

Now, the things I choose to engage with in my work and teaching have to be a HECK YES! What’s non-negotiable now when I choose the opportunities I participate in is to make an impact, connect with the community, and uplift others! So for me it’s not about doing more things BUT the right things for the mission I am on!

When you say HECK YES, what are your non-negotiables?? Comment below!


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