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This time of year we hear a lot about reflecting on the past, which might bring up some stuff that may not be so shiny and bright … like insecurities, perceived failures, fears, bad experiences, etc. I know my ego goes into full “ coulda, shoulda, woulda” mode when reinvestigating my work. You know what I ask myself?! How is that serving me? Is it making me better by beating myself up, reliving mistakes, or replaying the bad?? Is it allowing me to grow? Is it worth my precious time?! No! It does me no good to over indulge my ego! Things happen, I recognize the lesson, and I let that ish go! One of my favorite symbolic exercises it to write down what is not serving me anymore on paper and like a good yule tide log (this is for metaphor purposes only and not opposed to other religious things that light up)….I light that baby up! If I don’t have a place for a safe fire, I visually let it go and burn it up in my mind! Like my girl Ariana Grande says, “Thank you, next!” What strategies do you use when letting things go? Share in the comments! Xx Michelle


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