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Feeling stuck in a creative rut? Turn to your class for inspiration! There are times when i want to check in with my classes and get inspiration form then. I want to know what it is they’d like to work on (muscles group or specific exercise), or what they want to avoid for that day (this one’s for my regular students). This helps me get an idea of their goals, and what they’re struggling with so I can provide more support in future classes. I also throw out the “choose your own adventure” class theme to my regular students. I set up the exercises, offer variations and have them choose which one is best for them that day. Everyone’s still moving but tailoring the workout ton their individual needs. Lastly, if I’m in a musical rut I ask my classes what they’re currently listening to. This way I can get more playlist ideas. I always ice the wise words “teach to who is in front of you” as a guide while teaching, and remind myself that inspiration is right in front of me as well! What inspiration has your students given you lately? xx Michelle


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