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Take a look around, who showed up? When they walked in, how did they show up? Anything showing up in their bodies that didn’t last class?

The classes I teach have a lot of reoccuring clients. Even though I know about any long standing injuries, or past issues, it doesn’t mean that they all show up to class feeling 100 percent every time. I always check in to see how everyone is doing, and if anything cropped up since I saw them last. Usually it’s nothing big, but I certainly get informed about their energy and if they feel ready to ROCK or not!

I am a planner, but have also garnered some great improv skills over the years. Here are my top three fail safe tips for when I have a plan but my clients show up with things that are not compatible with what I had planned:

  1. Have modifications ready to go for the more difficult exercises, or ones that may compromise certain injuries or issues. 
  2. Keep a few go to series that are safe for all clients.
  3. Revert back to classes I’ve taught in the past that have a certain energy. Like, a more stretch and flow class, heavy cardio for amped up days, and one that’s in between.

I get that some of us are planners,  others born improvisers, and those who are both! There is strength in each type of teacher ✨ Having a back up plan like Modifications, alternate exercises, and/or a go to series everyone can do will ensure your teaching for those in the room and not just at the people who showed up ?

What’s your tip for when your class shows up and your planned class doesn’t go to plan?? Share below ??



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