Make it Count!

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Teacher Tip: Make it Count!

Let’s make it count! We all offer something special when it comes to our teaching. The people that come to our classes can better describe this than anyone else. No matter the experience we have as teachers, people have decided to spend their time with us because of our uniqueness for about an hour out of their day. 

How special is that?? As teachers we GET  to share our passion with others…and get paid to do it!!

I know when I teach classes, I want it to be worth my time, just as much as my students want it to be worth their time. Valuing everyone’s time is important for me to remember when I’m preparing to show up for class (mine and others). This is why my energy is so important when getting ready to teach. For me, it is not ok to show up halfway, because my classes have chosen to spend time and money with me that day. 

The things I do in order to fully show up are:

  1. Give myself 15mins of alone time before starting my day. 
  2. Breathe! I take deep breaths and regulate myself before, during and after teaching.
  3. If the day is a particularly hard one (for whatever reason) I allow myself to take an emotional break, and will get back to it later. 

No matter if there is 1 person or 100, make it worth it for you and for your class!

How do you make sure you show up fully?? Comment and share!




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