Music for Barre Class: 5 Playlists for Any Class

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Music for Barre Class: 5 Playlists for Any Class

Ever find yourself stuck when it comes to putting together music for barre class? Get ready to raise the barre on your workout routine with these 5 playlists that draw on different styles and tempos as barre exercises themselves. 

You don’t need a background in music or dance to identify what songs would work for a barre class. But if you love music and feel overwhelmed, you may be asking yourself, “where do I start?” 

Here are my tips to creating a playlist that will work for you! 

  1. Stick with music that you like and can listen to over and over. 

What inspires you will make your teaching come from a place of joy that will be infectious to your students. Don’t like top 40 songs, then avoid them! Your class will have fun if you’re having fun! I played an entire Halloween soundtrack for the holiday and it was hilarious, amazing, and so much fun! Who doesn’t want to barre to Disturbia by Rihanna or Thriller by Michael Jackson?! 

  1. Try to keep the beat similar if using multiple songs in a series. 

When choreographing your class, make sure to choose music along with your exercise choices and pick songs that will flow with your moves. Want to take that class on a curated journey where you build to a peak high energy song or then take them to a slow jam to stretch? This is when your inner DJ can shine! 

Choose songs that have a similar beat and genre to keep it simple but effective! Listen to the first 10 seconds of each song to make sure the beats match up. Tip: It’s easier to hear if you play one right after the other. Also, remind yourself that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just make sure you keep the timing of whatever series you’ve planned for each song, so the beat doesn’t change halfway through to a  completely different beat. 

  1. Let the music work for you! 

Having trouble with inspiration or wanting new music? Don’t have time to search the depths of the music library for news artists? Are you dreading putting together the perfect playlist because it’ll take up your entire day? 

I’ll let you in on my secret: Spotify, baby! And no, they’re not paying me, I’m paying them! 

Pick one song and it’ll suggest similar songs. Did you make a rockin’ playlist?? You can even choose the option to make a similar playlist (desktop version only). This will allow you to stay fresh, feel creative (which you are), and let it work for you! 


  • 30 minute playlist



  • 55 minute playlist

  • 60 minute playlist 

  • 45 minute playlist

  • 50 minute playlist

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