Own your worth!

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Teacher Tip: Own your worth!

This teacher tip is about how you can own your worth! Time is money baby! Apparently said by the late great Benjamin Franklin, well minus the baby part. And you know what, I think that this polymath is right on the money! Only you can decide what you are worth in this world, which if you are asking me you are worth a WHOLE LOT OF WORTHINESS! It is up to you to set the boundaries around the value of yourself and your time. 

When it comes to teaching we are offering a service (or experience) that takes time and energy to produce. Therefore if I think about how many classes a week I teach. Deciding what amount of money I want to make, and in how many hours I can make that happen while protecting my sanity. This goes for traveling to teach, creating resources etc. The big question for all of it is:

What amount of money will get me excited to do ____? 

Once I commit to the number I choose, I own it! Sticking to my gut and value the monetary amount that will make me feel the worth in whatever venture I get involved in. At what moment do I know it is worth it?? Here are my top signs for when I know it is worth my time:

  1. I want to go for a run…which I do not do, so I must be energized.
  2. I can see endless possibilities.
  3. I start clapping…yes like a child!
  4. I feel the warm and fuzzy feels

Important thing is that I am tuned into my gut reaction, and can discern when it feels right! How do you know that something is worth your time, and when I am expending the right amount of energy?? Share your answer in the comments!



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