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Reflecting on our past can bring up judgement on the things we’ve done or haven’t done. Maybe our ego steers us to a place where we think we didn’t do enough, or wish we had done it differently. That’s the job of the ego is to try and protect us and in a well intentioned but not always true effort to keep us in our comfort zone. HALT! Recognize and then try to reflect while keeping it positive.Here’s an assignment is to celebrate what we’ve gone through this year and allow those things to be a part of our story (not the whole of it). Assignment: Make three columns on a piece of paper. List in the first column the highlights of this year. Then in the second column write a list of things that didn’t go so well. In the third column write the positive things that came out of each experience. This year completes the second year of Barre Variations! It started as a lone manual, and has grown two fold to where it was last year. Was everything that I put out there a smashing success…NO..but everything did provide me with invaluable lessons and reasons to be thankful. Were there amazing moments?? HECK YEAH! I got to meet more of you in person than the year before, and those connections are what I live for! I cannot wait for what the next year will bring! Share a major highlight for you that happened this year! Xx Michelle


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