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What may go through your mind when saying HECK YES:





I guess

Uh huh

Ever find yourself saying these things….HECK YES, me too! It’s Inevitable, even unavoidable to not slip and say the above. When it comes to making a decision about my work or teaching, if it is not a resounding HECK YES, then it’s a no. 

Let’s test out your HECK YES radar. Here are some teacher situations and opportunities below, and I want you to answer with a resounding yes or no.

  • Teach a community class for free to gain more exposure
  • Collaborate with a local business to cross promote your class/studio
  • Teach 20-30 hours a week of classes
  • Teach morning and evenings
  • Start a 30-day challenge

The top questions I ask myself to get a HECK YES or NO: 

  1. What was my initial reaction? 
  2. Does this choice align with my values?
  3. Am I doing it just because I can?
  4. Will this serve me and in turn others?
  5. Are there any trade-offs?


I’d love to hear what was a YES for you! Share below!


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