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It’s the week of thanksgiving and a time of year we express gratitude to those around us. First of all, I’m immensely grateful for everyone in the Barre Variations community. Your support is what keeps me going and I couldn’t do this without any one of you! Thank you! Appreciation is something I cannot share enough with those around me. I’m where I am today because of the people that lift me up daily. Saying thank you is the least that I can do to show how much they mean to me. So say thanks! To your students, your boss, your landlord, your partner, your pets, the mail carrier bringing you your check, the garbage collectors, and everyone in between! There are a lot of people that support us in ways we can’t even see. Shine a light on them so you can keep shining as well! I’m saying thank you to you with a livestream class on November 29th at 2pm EST! Are you signed up?? IT’S FREE! Best deal on Black Friday, if you ask me! Xx Michelle


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