Say Yes to Aligned Projects!

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Teacher Tip: Say Yes to Aligned Projects!

I have discussed a lot about worth, and today is about how to say yes to aligned projects. Something that can be a counterpart to that is the idea of scarcity, and the fear of there not being enough to go around. This can be presented in the form of “shiny objects.” These shiny objects are usually ego driven. Also, it is a distraction from our true mission and purpose. 

Saying no to a shiny object does not mean that will be the last opportunity. It’s actually leaving you with more space for the right project. Take it as sign that there’s more to come and that there will be many more opportunities right for you! 

I’ve switched up my teaching situation quite a few times over the years. I’ve taught in large spaces, small spaces, to groups of all sizes, and in various different venues. My opportunities have been very fortunate and born out of a hustle that can both serve and hold me back. 

In my career I’ve also been presented to collaborations, affiliations, and other projects that have both turnout to be abundant and not so abundant. And there was a time when I felt that if I didn’t say yes to something I would lose out on a potentially great thing. 

So how do I know when something is just a shiny object floating by ready to stroke my ego, or is it in alignment with my mission and purpose??

  1. Be crystal clear about the vision I have for my work and where I want it to grow. 
  2. Ask myself, am I doing something out of fear or vanity?
  3. Trust my gut! If something feels right and it aligns with my values, it will almost always be the right choice. 

I want to hear what shiny objects are in your life that make you feel like you “have to do something” or “have to take it.” Share in the comments!



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