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I am not a resolution setter. Although I have things I want to accomplish, I also leave room for change and growth. Plus, I keep all my business visualization and planning for the summer…because on the East Coast there isn’t a more uninspiring time to make plans than in the doldrums of winter! Instead, I set an intention. I visualize how I want to move through the next year, and how I want it to feel. I get clear about what brings me joy, and the values I want to align with. This year, I will be going into my third year of business (just finished my second omg!), and for me it is all about growing deeper roots. I want the foundation I have set with my work for continue to work for me. I envision deepening relationships made through this venture. And I want this community to continue to expand in support of each other! New year better roots! That will be my mantra! Have a very happy and safe NEW YEARS EVE! Share your intentions in the comments, and I’m looking forward to another year with you! Xx Michelle


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