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Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m guilty of being a barre bot. There are times when I catch myself getting out of my flow and into sounding like a record on repeat. The cues I love are in re-play, and I can set up an exercise using the same phrase I’ve said 1,000 times before. When I teach trainings it is not my goal to create loads mini me clones! I suggest cues but I do not enforce the usage of the same verbiage. First, because I’m not sheriff of Barre Town. Second, it’s my goal to help others build confidence in themselves, and connect with their inner barre diva! So do you remember why you’re using the words or the cues you chose? Does saying them still resonate with you? Do they even make sense to your newer clients? . Yes, no, maybe so?! Well, this weeks TTT assignment is to SHAKE IT UP! Take what you’re saying and try a new version! Flip it, shake it, twist it, bop it…anyone have that game BTW?! Alter your words any way that feels natural to you! Throw out the feeling of potentially being wrong and get creative with the words you are saying! Release fear and judgment and your voice as a teacher will start to shine through more! Because the sheriff is off duty FOREVER! Share your fave cue and share how you’ll shake it up! Comment below!


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