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Creativity can feel complicated. It can feel like you have to invent something new when trying to achieve it. Being creative can be daunting!! My whole life has been driven by creativity as a dancer, and now as an entrepreneur. Studying dance, and the arts has been the backbone to how I breakdown creativity simplistically. I believe that starting with a formula or some kind of fundamentals or rules you can launch into the creative stratosphere. Oh and then you can take those rules and break them! But again this can lead to feeling like you always need to create something brand new. The more and more I go down the black hole of trying to be creative, I realize that sometimes less is more! In class, my students don’t always know all of my creative tricks. Layering in simple change can provide a world of “newness” for everyone involved! Something I’ve been playing with lately is choosing one of the Barre Variations: Creativity Tools and using only that one for my entire class. What is one thing you could do that is simple but so effective  in your choreography?? Xx Michelle


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