Stay simple!

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Teacher Tip: Stay simple!

I love to stay simple! In this blog post I will take you through my process of simplifying my teaching approach.

Take the amount of hours that you teach. Then add the amount of hours you take to prep and plan your classes. What’s that number?

For me having a plan in place, tools to pull from, and a strategic approach to my teaching helps keep my creative juices flowing without spending countless hours trying to reinvent my classes every single time. Creativity can feel complicated, and daunting!!

Less can be more when it comes to choreographing your classes. In class, my students don’t always know all of my creative tricks. Layering in simple changes can provide a world of “newness” for everyone involved!

I’ve created the entire Barre Variations method around the idea that you can be endlessly creative with the right tools and approach. AND it can be less work as well!!

What is one thing you could do that is simple but so effective in your choreography??


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