Step Aside!

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Have you said to yourself, “I’m too busy.”

Noticed that you aimlessly scroll looking for who knows what.

You’ve forgotten that it isn’t ALL up to you?

I can get in my own way often, by doing the things I’ve listed above. I forget that even though I teach solo, or the fact that I work for myself, doesn’t mean I need to feel unsupported. It’s important that I am able to have a good working relationship with myself. I know I am blocking myself from moving forward, growing, or simply getting -ish done, when I start roadblocking myself.


So how do I step aside, and get out of my own way??


  1. If start saying that I’m too busy all the time, it is usually my distress sign, I simply recognize it. Then I ask myself are the statements true, and can I change them? I’ll ask myself am I really too busy to do something, and then see if I can make the time. If I can’t then I have to re-asses if I can make changes or if I need to ask for help (more on that in a min).
  2. If I am on the scroll train…not like the love or soul train may I add…and I am avoiding getting something done (ie planning classes, finding a sub, making a playlist, etc etc etc), I have to put time limits on myself. Like a child, I parent myself/bribe myself with treats. Sometimes actual treats, often movement treats, and even social media treats. I’ll give myself parameters and time frames. For example, if I work 3 hours straight I can check my Insta. Or I work for 4 hours, then take a walk. I work best under pressure (bad habit but that’s how I roll) so I make it into a game…with treats!
  3. If all of a sudden I realize that there are not enough hours in a day, and there is little to no time to CHILLAX it’s time to call in the troops! This year I have hired an administrative assistant to help me with the backend of BV, and have reached out to digital marketers for help. If there is something I cannot take on myself, I give myself permission to delegate to other experts who will help support me and my biz. Sometimes that looks like asking for a teaching sub so I can have a day to do to the dentist!


How do you step aside? Share below!




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