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Ok barre babe, I know you! You love barre, you love taking barre classes, and you love telling other people about you love for barre! I get it! Barre is not the only method in which to move your body, and trying new classes can be a fun way to gain inspiration…..for barre!!! This is how I gain a lot of my inspiration for my classes. By doing this I get to experience and see movement in a different way that will inform my teaching. I realize that there are so many ways to move the body and so many similarities across methods. It inspires me to think beyond the barre! Here are my top 3 Non-Barre Movement Activities: Dancing…but the kind that doesn’t involve a barre, more like the impromptu kind! Yoga! Give it to me hot, restorative, you name it I like it! Pilates…I mean, this was my first fitness love after all! So I challenge you to STEP AWAY FROM THE BARRE! And when you come back, share with me what you tried! xx Michelle


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