Time for time well spent!

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Teacher Tip: Time for time well spent!

This tip is all about making time for time well spent! Ever hear the saying “time is money?” As a New Yorker, I personally hear this phrase all of the time! Quite frankly, it is a way of life here in the city. Time is a precious commodity, and something that cannot be duplicated, reproduced, or recreated. Not to go all meta, but this very is true! Deciding how we spend our time is important for our productivity, and for us to not feel spread so thin as teachers. 

Here are a list of things that can be total time suck for me if I am not careful about choosing what to do with my time wisely:


  • Netflix 
  • Social media
  • Thinking I am not good enough for _____.
  • Phone games…I’ve gone cold turkey cuz I am an addict!
  • Complaining…guilty, and not proud but it happens!
  • Chatting to everyone on my Fav list on my phone…also doubles as time well spent!


Whether it is a time sucking activity or a time sucking thought process, we have all experienced one of these things. I am not saying you must be producing or productive every second of your life. I’m talking about making clear choices on how we spend our valuable time. 

I love making lists, so when deciding on how to spend my time I always make a pros and cons list. Easy and simple, highly effective. I run through all the things that I will gain and all the things I may lose out on. Then I let the list speak for itself to tell me if it’s truly worth my time! 

What strategies do you use when deciding on how to spend your time? Comment and share your method below!



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