In this training, learn to teach a barre class using the Barre Variations method. Utilizing the Barre Variations: Creativity Tools gain the tools needed to develop an effective, creative and challenging barre workout that will always stay exciting. 

Focus not only on creativity, but on the proper biomechanics that goes into barre. This training will give you the foundation you need to teach barre, the skills to keep our classes endlessly creative, as well as the opportunity to let your individual teaching voice shine!


  • Includes ONE manual per participant​

  • No prerequisites

  • Learn to create a barre class

  • Develop skills to teach effectively and with confidence

  • Utilize the Barre Variations: Creativity Tools and Barre Variations: Props to vary classes

  • Find your voice as a teacher​

  • .8 ACE continuing ed. credits


Are there any pre-requisites for the teacher training or workshop?

No! There are no requirements, or passed experience necessary to take any Barre Variations Teacher Trainings. Also, you don’t need any prior dance experience to become a barre instructor.

I've never taken a Barre Variations class, where can I find one?

Barre Variations live classes are held at Brooklyn Heights Pilates Studio in New York City. However, there are full classes on the Barre Variations Video Library.

Is Barre Variations a franchise or listening program?

No, there are no additional fees. Anyone can be trained in the Barre Variations method, and participate in any workshop. The manual is also for anyone looking to enhance their barre training. 

Where can I teach?

You can teach anywhere! Once you are trained you can barre wherever you are!

Do you offer continuing education credits?

Yes, by taking the Barre Variations Teacher Training or Creativity Workshop you can earn .8 credits for ACE. 

Do you offer refunds if I can't make a training date?

We offer a refund up to 15 days before the training date. Otherwise, it will be credited towards the next training you can attend.

Can I host a training or a workshop?
Yes, go HERE to learn more!


“Michelle delivered a well rounded Informational teacher training for all levels of barre instructors.  The course provided a nicely bound manual with easy to follow pictures and descriptions of each position.  The manual presented several ways to layer in props to take the basic move to the next level.  Class included a teacher led class that incorporated the structure of how to teach a barre class.  Musicality, modifications and safety was also covered.  Michelle was pleasant, engaging and inclusive of all levels in class.  As a person who had a barre background teaching classes already, I still came away with new gained knowledge.  I highly recommend Barre Variations teacher training and the online videos for continued education.”

Dawn Hudson

Annapolis, MD

“If this weekend’s Barre Variations training was a person, it would have shouted from the mountain tops: YOU ARE ENDLESSLY CREATIVE. YOU HAVE A VOICE.  YOU ARE HERE TO SHINE AND SHARE YOUR GIFTS.”

Shannon Werner

San Diego, CA

From Barre Variations to Everyone: 05:04 PM