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It’s play time!! As barre instructors we love to try new exercises ourselves, but understand that bombarding our clients with crazy challenging exercises can be overwhelming and not right for that specific group. But I challenge you to get your classes, or yourself, to try one new thing without the expectation of being perfect! Remember the Barre Police will not show up and out you away for not being perfect, because they don’t exist! If it’s something that a little unattainable, break it down and make it the ONE THING that you all work towards as a group. This is a fun way to have everyone try something new, support each other like a team, and have something to work towards as a group! Whether it’s one move or a crazy choreo combo, pick something that’s NEW! So this week, go for it! Try out that new exercise. Get crazy with combinations. And see how creative your choreography can be! If you’ve set your classes up with a solid foundation, they’ll be ready for what’s in store. And if it ends up not being the most epic creation…..there’s always next class!❤️ What are you going try out for yourself or your classes this week?? Share below!


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