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So where is your BEST BARRE BABE?? You’ll need them for this week’s TTT. Have you ever found yourself developing a new class or choreography, and are looking for constructive feedback (hint: this is where your BBB comes in)?

We’ve all been there as new teachers, and more experienced choreography creators. We come up with what we think is the most EPIC new series, sequence, or move and the minute we try and teach it to our barre class…. Well, it feels like a flop!

I love grabbing a BBB and being able to teach it to them. It’s a fun way to get some positive and constructive feedback. Now, note that I’m not telling you to ask your class. When we are in creation mode we want to turn to our peers for the refinery of our craft. Then when you share it with your class the feedback can get specific like “how’d that feel.” 

Also, working out your material on a friend or colleague can lead to more inspiration! Another bonus from working with your friend is that you can move together and enjoy the job we get to share with others!

Looking for a new barre bestie?? I’m here for you! I coach teachers for auditions, help in creating programming for clients with individual needs, and help you become the teacher you want to be! Link in bio for more COACHING information!



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