Will Barre Workouts Provide Instant Results

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Will Barre Workouts Provide Instant Results?


It is a common question asked by clients to wonder “will barre workouts provide instant results?’ I for one feel this is a loaded question that deserves a thoughtful answer. I usually start by asking the client some follow up questions. Here is what I want to know from any client who asks if barre workouts will provide instant results:


What results are you looking for?

Clients usually fall into wanting specific physical results, or whether to achieve a specific goal that is more functional. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight for better health, or to increase strength. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to be able to climb stairs without over fatigue. What gives me pause as a teacher is when a client wants to “spot treat” their body.

Meaning, they want to get rid of their “batwings,” the terrible term for under part of the upper arm, and wants to know how many classes it will take to “fix” that spot. If a client is looking for this, I explain that barre classes are a full body workout that leaves no body part behind. Because everyone’s body is different, seeing physical changes will depend on each individual and other lifestyle factors. This brings me to the next question.


How often do you plan on attending barre classes or are you incorporating other physical activities?


Consistency is key to seeing any kind of change. When a client is looking for specific results either physical or functional, I always ask how many classes they will be taking. I then ask what other activities they’re involved in. This gives me an idea of what their routines are like and how much exercise they are getting. A one hour barre class once a week will most likely not give someone the results they are looking for. However, if they run three times a week plus take a barre class once or twice a week they may achieve their goals even faster. 

If most of a client’s life is spent sitting or being sedentary, it will be hard for them to achieve their fitness goal. Especially if that goal is results based. Only coming sporadically to a barre class (or any class for that matter). As I mentioned before, lifestyle factors play a big role in seeing change. The biggest one to consider The final question I pose to a client asking if barre workouts will provide instant results.


How does nutrition play a role in your plan to see the results you want to achieve?


At this point most people have heard of the 80/20 rule. This is what experts describe when weight loss (in particular) is about 80% dependent on nutrition and 20% on exercise. If a client is looking to lose weight, I usually refer them to an expert in the field. More specifically a Registered Dietician. An RD can help tailor nutrition goals for specific individuals based on their lifestyle, etc. Offer anecdotes to relate this equation. For example, coming to class and then drinking a bottle of wine will negate any caloric loss from class. Therefore one must be conscious of what they’re intaking if their goal is to lose weight.


If weight loss is not the goal, and nutrition isn’t playing a role in their goals, I remind them that consistency is key. This doesn’t mean they need to be in my class all the time. It means that if there is an exercise we did in class that they found difficult, I usually assign it as homework. The fun kind! I encourage them to try this move or series of exercises at home a few times a week. If it’s an exercise that is done standing I will say to try during any meal prepping. If the exercise is lying down, then try it before even getting out of bed.


When asked “will barre workouts provide instant results” is not rare, and as a teacher there should be consideration of the clients goals before offering a sales pitch to why barre workouts are the best way to achieve their goals. Also, guaranteeing results is a slippery slope that holds the teacher accountable and responsible for any results that may or may not come to fruition. As teachers, we want our clients to move their bodies so that they can feel good inside them and live the lifestyle they want. These three questions are great to return to periodically as goals can change for our clients!



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