Work-Life Balance Coaching for Barre Instructors

Wed, April 24th | Virtual

Join creator, Michelle DuVall virtually for the Group Coaching Workshop: Work-Life Balance Coaching for Barre Instructors.


April 24th at 7:30pm- 9:30pm EST


Link will be given after registration


This comprehensive coaching program is designed specifically for barre instructors seeking to achieve work-life balance, enhance well-being, and optimize their teaching performance. Through a combination of practical strategies, personalized guidance, and actionable techniques, participants will learn how to navigate the unique challenges of the fitness industry while prioritizing self-care. 

Join us for this transformative coaching program and unlock the tools, insights, and support you need to thrive as a barre instructor while achieving a sustainable work-life balance.


What’s included:

  • Understanding Work-Life Balance
  • Self-Reflection and Goal Setting
  • Strategies for Work-Life Balance
  • Action Planning
  • Tools for Time Management 
  • Group Coaching and Peer Support

From Barre Variations to Everyone: 05:04 PM