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While teaching, have you ever: Sung to your class Done high kicks in excitement while teaching Jumped for joy Danced the running man, and any other ridiculous dance move Literally bowed down to your students Just me?!? Didn’t think so! I may be a bit extra, and I’m ok with that. Allowing myself to go big in my teaching gives me space to pull back without making myself small. I credit my high school acting classes for teaching me how to let myself break out of the fear of looking silly and into a place where I can embrace my personality. (Learning that lesson took some time, and it wasn’t an immediate understanding as a painfully insecure teenager) Whether I am doing high kicks, or have a more calm demeanor in class I’m never dimming the light that makes my teaching unique. Being in front of a group teaching can feel vulnerable but the first judgment is always on myself. When I feel like I’m being “too much,” I check in with my ego and ask: Is my energy over powering the class? Does it feel right? Am I self judging? In what ways do you really go for it when teaching?? I wanna know who’s playing “sweet sixteen dj” with me! xx Michelle


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